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CLAN Story (Prologue)

July 4, 2048, World War caused by a foolish leader's misjudgment on Independence Day in the United States. I don't know if the people of the time had recorded this event as World War III, but it was only a minor event compared to the various wars and changes that humanity would undergo in the next four hundred years...…

In 2025, Russia is embroiled in a civil war between pro-Western forces centered on Moscow and anti-Western forces based on Novosibirsk inside Russia, even as the Crimean Peninsula, which it annexed after the defeat of the three-year Ukrainian war, was re-transferred to Ukraine and became a third-rate country under political and economic pressure led by the U.S. and Europe. China, which has continued to support Russia, has maintained a solid communist system for a long time since the founding of the Communist Party, steadily confronting the West and economically overtaking the United States. Then the U.S.-centered West sees China's development as a huge challenge to its own democratic system, and the world is in its highest tension in history, lobbied by hardliners and defense companies who dominate the U.S. National Assembly.

In 2031, U.S.-led NATO and the West entered an unprecedented step to halt all diplomacy and trade with China, raising tensions. On the Korean Peninsula, the Western frontline, the pro-China regime briefly took power in 2033 after a coup that began with Kim Jong-un's assassination, but due to huge resistance and armed resistance by most people who hate China more than the U.S., the leader of the pro-China regime defected to China less than a year and urgently asked for help. The South Korean government and the new regime in North Korea agree on a federal type of unification that guarantees the autonomy of the "Hanmujin" regime while leaving diplomacy, defense, and economy to the South Korean government.
In 2035, the unified Korean Peninsula acquired North Korea's nuclear weapons, entered the ranks of the world's five major powers, and Japan finally completed its nuclear development under the tacit understanding of the U.S., which seeks to rein in China and aggressive anti-Western Russian forces despite strong opposition from neighboring countries, including South Korea, as if returning to imperialism in World War II. Japan, which has long supported Taiwan's pro-Japanese forces with its military capabilities, will legally merge Taiwan, which has a pro-Japanese government, and the whole world will watch the Japan-Taiwan alliance with the U.S. final approval to check China and anti-Western Russian forces.

In 2037, China's ambition for Taiwan was completely destroyed by the Japan-Taiwan State Union. In a unified Korea, the public's desire to restore the northern territories grew, and China completely banned and blocked all Korean language education, texts, and culture in the Northeast, forced the remaining 1 million ethnic Koreans to move to the West, and hired them as police and civil servants to monitor the Uighurs. Meanwhile, they seek an opportunity to recover by trying to create public opinion favorable to China by encouraging constant social conflict through secret spies in Taiwan.

In 2040, I.N.O.S.'s short-term rapid growth led by I.N.O.S. succeeded in developing nuclear fusion technology and test-running the artificial sun, and I.N.O.S. grew into a super-large company that exceeded Germany's annual GDP.

In January 2046, Russia's anti-Western forces, which had long been pushed to the eastern Khabarovsk area due to inferiority, took control of Ryazan, a Moscow suburb with the support of China's new unmanned drone, reversing the situation and rapidly becoming disadvantageous to pro-Western forces. Anti-Western forces continue their offensive with the aim of taking control of Moscow before the frozen land melts, and Moscow is on the verge of occupation in early March. The Kremlin's pro-Western leader Andreyev hurriedly defected to Berlin, while the anti-Western leader Mikhailov, who controlled most of Russia, made a misjudgment on July 4, 2048, which caused a catastrophe for mankind. He presses the button to launch a new missile toward Berlin, the home of I.N.O.S. ...

CLAN Story

On July 4, 2048, on Independence Day of the United States, World War breaks out due to the misjudgment of a vengeful radical leader……

It’s alive?
Humans are living in a barren environment through the expansion of memories by completing the technology of transferring data from the brain and changing their bodies accordingly.
Due to the war, there are too many risk factors to store data in the living brain, the weight is formidable, and the maintenance cost is high, so it is generally removed.
Collecting all kinds of junk, making and mounting heads with special functions, and carrying out operations.
the artificial sun
In the aftermath of the nuclear war, the Earth's rotation axis twists more than 5 degrees and the rotation speed slows down, widening the temperature difference between day and night by about 80 degrees.
The state of anti-gravity due to the mass change due to the loss of a significant amount of Earth's resources for space development.
Due to various reasons such as environmental pollution and abnormal weather, the amount of sunlight is not enough, so the artificial sun using nuclear fusion is satelliteized to maintain life.
a lost history
While history was being stored by human memory data, the explosion of the EMP coal production base hit the global server, causing the 1900-2200 history to disappear in an instant.
The technology and civilization of the era, which remain as primitive documents, are discovered and utilized, and modern and modern technologies such as attackers, racers, and superconductors that mix steam engines and fusion engines are fused to form a strange civilization after 2050.
Weapons are used the most in World War I and II.
corporate privatization of the earth
Artificial solar satellites surrounding the Earth.
They are protecting the dying embers of mankind.You can make an artificial sun with a medium or large fusion engine, but there is only one place that operates it.Global company I.N.O.S.
Already, the Earth is owned by I.N.O.S., and controls all natural phenomena and energy.
Rumors are circulating that they are using giant nuclear fusion reactors to slow down the rotation speed to make the environment poor.
solar and air charges
the earth that has been through several world wars.
Due to slow rotation, the poor situation is that the day is about 60 days...It takes control of basic energy such as continental purchases and oxygen solar power of global super giant I.N.O.S. and charges.
They build a continental SKY CORP.) that moves on the Earth's surface with enormous wealth and use it at rotation speed, and survive the temperature difference of minus 40 degrees Celsius on the 30th and 40 degrees Celsius on the 30th, but people on the Earth's surface (surface people) endure 60 days and are exploited by companies.
a new home, a rich continent
Earth's satellites and small floating continents are created near the stratosphere due to fluctuations in the Earth's axis of rotation, lack of mass due to resource depletion, and weakening magnetic fields.
The floating continent maintains a 30-hour daily charity speed similar to the Earth's rotation speed, and its own ecosystem is created, which has oxygen and water, but there are many forms of animals and plants and strange phenomena that have never been seen due to space-time distortion caused by multidimensional generation. .
a struggle for survival
I.N.O.S., which exploits the labor of the surface people to secure a new place for life, and the surface that eventually achieves self-sufficiency and wants an equal life in opposition to it.A fierce and brutal war begins to secure the vested interests of wealthy continents that will serve as the basis for future humanity.
a way of life
As 200 years of historical data on civilization disappears, technologies from the previous era and the ultra-future meet and develop into various and unusual forms.
Clothes are in the 1900s, energy sources are in the early future.
A time when life and justice are newly defined.
What if you define a person by the memory and experience of the brain
The future of chaos that can be "I am me" no matter what body it uses if it is not lost by data.
'Backup is the only way to live'...…

About CLAN

Characteristics and specifications of each warrior and mercenary
appearing in Project CLAN


  • Graduated from the Department of Visual Design at Chung-Ang University
  • Visual Designer (advertising, branding, exhibition, interior)
  • 1996 : LG Add
  • 2000 : Internet TV Marketing, Design Director
  • 2002 : Director of Design at Crackers (LG Electronics)
  • 2004 : C2 Design Representative (Holly Davidson, Honda Korea, etc.)
  • 2007 : M-Game Art Director
  • Released in 2009 by mmorpg
  • Representative Oh-Clan in 2013 (Seoul City Exhibition Design)
  • From 2009 to 2017, he also served as a game animation major at Hansung University.
  • 2021 ‘Oh’s Kitbashing’ Individual Exhibition (Changseong-dong Laboratory)
  • The ‘Interpreter’ modeler’s joint exhibition will be held in 2022.
  • 2022 ‘Oh’s Kitbashing’ Invitation Exhibition scheduled (Changseong-dong Laboratory)
ID: joongseokoh


2021 Exhibition
Oh's Kitbashing world
2021. 7. 09 ~ 7. 11 / 7.16 ~ 7.18 / 7.23 ~ 7.25
Changseong-dong Laboratory (144, Changseong-dong, Jongno, Seoul)
2022 Exhibition
Oh's Kitbashing world
November 2022
Changseong-dong Laboratory (144, Changseong-dong, Jongno, Seoul)

Project CLAN

Team & Advisor

Original: Oh Joong-seok (writer, director)
Story Inspector: Lim Oh-hyun (copywriter)
Science Inspector: Lee Ki-jin (physics professor at Seogang University)
Website Production: My OwnItem (MOI)

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